Clinical department: Physiotherapy

What can ITransport® offer me?

  • I can enter a request quickly and simply
  • I can submit the planning for the next few days
  • I can ask for patients when I want to
  • The return of patients after treatment can be entered with one click
  • There will be fewer calls about the transportation of the patients
  • Patient transport will be on time
  • Fewer mistakes will be made and I will have to solve fewer problems
  • I can see whether the patient is on the way to me and will be informed immediately when problems occur

With ITransport® you can easily submit requests for the transportation of patients or. This can be entered directly into ITransport® or through the integration with hospital information systems. It's also possible, in a quiet moment, to submit the planning for the next few days.

Urgent request can also be submitted and remarks can be entered about the transportation. You will also be informed directly when there is, for example, a risk of infection.

With the task list, you can always see which tasks are requested, which patients are on the way and whether a patient requires transfer following a clinical procedure.