Central Sterilization Department

What can ITransport® and OKIS offer me?

  • Prepare lists
  • Acceptance by the head of the specialisation
  • CSD employee can prepare the OR
  • Reduces activities required of the OR assistants
  • Tracking and tracing of instruments
  • Determining used articles
  • Reporting the costs per treatment or per specialisation
  • Full bone bank administration
  • Meets government standards and requirements

ITransport® is fully integrated with OKIS

It is important that the Central Sterilization Department is able to deliver the necessary 'safety nets' that are offered to the OR which include preparation lists for the procedure.

OKIS is a software package that will improve and provide insight into your processes within the CSD and OR by submitting which articles are needed per treatment and specialisation beforehand, you increase the quality of the service. Registration in OKIS reduces the number of mistakes made in assembling the sets; the workload of the CSD will be significantly reduced because of the sophisticated functionalities of this software. The OR will receive the requested equipment in time. At the same time, insight is gained regarding the articles in stock. This enhances trust and confidence.

OKIS offers the opportunity for full registration of bone tissue for the bone bank. Being linked to the treatments, the bone bank module of OKIS will give you a high-quality registration system which meets current standards and requirements.