Supervisor - Department of Patient Transport

What can ITransport® offer me?

  • No dispatcher(s) necessary
  • ITransport® operates the transport and makes sure the patients arrive on time
  • I can see what is happening with just one look
  • I know at every moment where my porters are and what they are doing
  • I can intervene at any time
  • With the help of reports from ITransport® I can work at improvement processes

A supervisor and/or dispatcher is not necessary with ITransport®. The automatic dispatcher divides the tasks equally over the porters. The supervisor can always see who is doing what and where. He/she can intervene in the process, immediately or during the procedure.

During peak transport hours, it is possible to call (automatically) for stand-by porters and ask whether they can help. When the capacity is adequate again, they will automatically be informed that they can go back to stand-by.

It is also possible to combine several transport flows. By doing this the l services can help each other. This method also solves the problem of peaking in the number of requests.

An expanded system of priorities ables you to execute the agreements about the internal transport in the right way

ITransport® gives you clear views for the operating of the department and the communicating with the clients