What can ITransport® offer me?

  • When discharging or transferring a patient, the bed-cleaning department will be automatically notified
  • ITransport® divides the tasks fairly and objectively between me and my colleagues
  • ITransport® makes sure I don't have to walk unnecessarily
  • The tasks are clearly visible on the screen (mobile phone or DECT)
  • Supplementary information is included  (e.g. about accessories)
  • I will only get one task at a time and will not be disturbed
  • The departments will see that I am on the way and at what time I will arrive
  • I can report back with reasons for delay; this will immediately be reported to the ward and clinical departments
  • This way, my customers are happy about my work

Porters work hard and walk many kilometres through the hospital. It is important to work as efficiently as possible. It is important for team spirit within the service that the activities are divided between the porters as fairly as possible.

ITransport® helps to organize the activities of the service and contributes to a better appreciation of the service.

ITransport® makes sure that the tasks are divided (dispatched) in a way that the work is done well and efficiently. Through this the team can execute more tasks and walk fewer kilometres

The porters may have to wait for lifts and patients who are not yet ready. This can lead to large delays and discussions with the services. ITransport® makes the reporting back of the delays by the porters very simple. By doing this an ongoing process of improvements can be started.